THE AUTHOR – As a child living in the middle of a big city with few green spaces, Denise Motard was introduced to Nature by attending learning sessions at the Montreal Botanical Garden for kids her age.

Her passion for wildlife and gardening, and later for a healthy lifestyle, and environmental and conservation issues, just kept growing and maturing from then on.

She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and worked as a mental health professional for several years, and before that as a translator.

Now in her ‘retirement’, she works on various projects such as these websites:


in addition to tending a large garden and knitting sweaters from her own designs while mulling still more projects.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Denise Motard spent the major part of her life in that Canadian province before moving to Toronto, Ontario. She is now settled in Prince Edward Island, a province she fell in love with at first sight during a vacation.

Denise Motard - On the trail along Hillsborough River - May 7, 2017
On the trail along Hillsborough River, PEI, in May

THE WEBSITE on Birds of The World started as an ‘outgrowth’ stemming from the website on Gardens of the World. While visiting gardens in various countries and taking photos of landscapes, trees and flowers, the author started photographing – and filming – some birds as well.

Citizen Project
This website on Birds of The World is an entirely personal initiative with no funding. The website has NO advertising of any kind and does NOT endorse or promote anything either. The project is independent.

An important goal of this website is the SHARING OF KNOWLEDGE, and also the beauty of what Nature provides us if we care to look around.